Frequently Asked Questions

What does the company Elvis Newman Communications do?

We provide keynote presentations, strategy consulting and research services about future trends that will shape business, markets and society.

Who is Elvis Newman, the CEO?

Elvis Newman is a renowned futurist and keynote presenter who is noted for his accurate forecasts about future trends. See profile for more information.

Who are ENC's prospective customers?

If you are looking for

  • an outstanding and dynamic keynote
  • insightful consulting that has real impact,
  • to inspire or wake up your customers, company or association .
  • futurists who are provocative, innovative and bottom line focused.
  • customer and market savvy.
  • ability to map trends that drive competitive advantage

Why hire us ?

  • We understand better then anyone, the future impact of radical disruptive innovations that will shape the future. We have a Big Picture of what's next for business and society.
  • We think the future looks promising for those that learn today how to adapt and plan for the Extreme Future that is coming. The rest of you are toast

What is a futurist ?

A futurist is someone who uses various tools and straategies to analyze trends about the future.  A futurist can be subdivided into 3 groups.

  1.  Foresight researchers

Foresight sight researchers perform environmental scanning to get a sense of how the environments are unfolding for the individual, the company, the society and our civilization.  They develop scenarios that look specifically at how the individual data points in the following areas might unfold. Demographics / Emerging Technologies / Potential Climate / Social Economic Changes

    2.    Megatrend analyzers

There will always be superpowers, but what will be most important over the next 20 years is the gentle, continuous expansion of the DOMINANT GLOBAL SUPERCONDUIT.  It is a highway that runs over North America, over the Atlantic Ocean, over Europe, down to the Middle East, down through India, up through China and Japan, back up over the Pacific Ocean and then back to North America. 

It is a GDP per square kilometer map of planet Earth, that is a map showing where in the world all the money is.  Almost 90 percent of all global transacdtions occur along that highway.  The people siutated on the highway are living well beyond the means of their local environments.  They are net importers from the rest of the world.  Life in this superdonduit is going to continue to be fast, consumptive, and deeply intermingled, and it's going to continue for the forseeable future.

All Megatrends analysis are done pertaining to this Superconduit.

    3.    Pragmatic futurism

First you need to determine an end point--your best guess as to where you want to end up in the future.  It is a bit like sailing upwind. But you rarely have the chance to sail directly to your destination.  Maybe the technology you need isn't ready for prime time yet, perhaps your current budget won't cover everything you would like to do; maybe you haven't yet convinced the board of directors that your vision is correct; perhaps you haven't fully amortized your existing structure--or any of dozens of other potential impediments to direct progress. 

What is the specific expertise ENC provides?
We provide a unique capacity to empower clients with actionable information, trends, strategies and forecasts that can help them develop or manage change and growth.

What future trends does ENC focus on?
We forecast trends regarding a wide array of areas such as technology, energy, climate, workforce, population, security, business, defense and society. We analyze trends in many industries, such as: Healthcare, pharma, retail, manufacturing, financial services, logistics, IT, media and others.