Welcome to the Voice of Elvis Newman


Things are extremely busy, particularly given our economic climate.

You only have a momentary chance to ensure that you stay focused on the opportunities that come from the strategic forces reshaping you, your company, and your community.  

The most important thing that you can do *right now*, as you work to navigate your way through the challenging economic shoals that surround you, is to make sure that you are provided with the best intelligence to aid your comprehension of the current complex situation,to allow you to reach the best decision.

That is a key issue that you need to make sure is on your agenda.
The President of the United States does have his work done through the PDF.


The President's Daily Brief (PDB) is a top secret document produced each morning for the President of the United States.  The PDB is intended to provide the president with new international intelligence warranting attention and analysis of sensitive international situations.

As the President of your Own Life, how do you manage the affairs of yourself, your company and your community in the ever changing, fast paced environment ?

You have an urgent and important need to be provided with

  • alternative futures of what might happen (not what we want to happen)
  • a disciplined and powerful tool to anticipate changes in the complex environment
  • driving forces & paths of change
  • interactive and creative diversity of perspectives 


What you may already notice about the Future

  • It’s incredibly fast:
  • It involves a huge adaptability gap
  • It has a huge instantaneity
  • It hits you most when you don’t expect it
  • It's being defined by renegades
  • It involves partnership
  • It involves intensity
  • It’s bigger than you think
  • It involves innovation intensity
  • It comes from experiential capital

The Future Creates the Present
It is Your Responsibility to FORCE a better tomorrow to happen. 
Are you ready for the significant turning point in History or Your Own Life Changin Event ?


   The future is going to hit you whether you like it or not.
It's your approach to it,
And how you innovate with it,
That defines your future success !

When Columbus' Sailing Ships approach the shores of Americas, the native Indians have no idea of a Sailing Ship.  From a distance, all they saw was the waves pounding and  pounding in an unusually clear and sunny weather.  After many days, the shaman relay the concept of a sailing ship to his tribesmen.   When they believe him, their intellectual shutters were opened and at that moment they were able to see Columbus' marvelous sailing ships


Today we face the same challenge,
no smaller than what the native Indians had faced. 
Are you ready to initiate your life changing event ?
Are you poised to implement strategic decisions for your company ?
Are yuu welcoming the Paradigm Shift ?
Are you emerging victorious at the various turning point in History ?