Having travelled, lived and worked in many different countries including Australia, Britain, Germany, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, Elvis is deeply enthralled by the richness and diversity of different cultures. Over time these experiences emerge to form a pattern that is consistent in social ,economic, political and scientific circles.  It then translate into a compelling conviction for Elvis to relate his experiences and lessons learned as a prism for others to look at the world through a different light. 


For the determination to serve the community,  the desire to make a differene, and the dedication to his mission, Elvis is also actively involved in many social organizations like Amnesty International, Rotary Club, Lions International, Orphans International and Toastmasters International where he spoke frequently, and enjoyed the intellectual discourse and dialog. 

Elvis is a leading futurist, trends & innovation expert. What Elvis will bring to you, your community and you company is truly amazing.  The best benefits lie in pointing a clear road map of the future for the individual and the organization.  You know very well that your daily, monthly or yearly planner does not prime you for

  • emergency events
  • sudden shifts in social economic climate
  • breakthrough technologies
  • latest developments on world stage

which are all vital for the execution of your plans or dreams.


What he does!

  • he provides unique, detailed, customized insight into workplace, business, economic, current events, social and cultural trends, as well as into demographic, lifestyle and technology issues, based on highly original research.
  • he sets the stage for organizations to become more competitive, innovative and adaptable, and that are open to the opportunities of the future.
  • he does so in a very dynamic and motivational style, with presentations that involve his signature humor, high-level energy, deep insight and challenging observations.

How can he help you?

  • he wakes people up to the trends that will affect them, and challenges them to cope with a world that continues to witness constant, dramatic change.
  • "thought provoking, full of energy, up to the minute and timely"are just a few of the ways to describe Elvis' presentations.  Elvis has the ability to energize people so they can discover opportunities for personal and corporate growth.
  • each presentation is unique and customized. Clients value the time Elvis takes to "know" their industry or profession, their issues and concerns.