Client Testimonials


Great power and strong delivery--Karlene Williams, statistician, Alpha Engineering Inc. 

       Very informative and presented with passion--Dr. Hayward, Voltex Systems Inc.

             Full of insights and knowledge of topic--A.C.  Monaghan, New York, New York

                    Great speech, engaging, strong and enthusiastic-- Beverly Miranda, CPA

"Elvis really walks his talk! His commitment to preparatory research for our presentation was
most impressive. Elvis material is powerfully relevant, practical and actionable. He engages
the audience with humor, sharing of personal experiences and unfailing courtesy and
respect for his audience."

Jay Holfwitz, C.E.O. Step by Step Software Solutions

       Impassioned speaking, eloquent words and delivery--Shirley Wang, High School Teacher

Very commanding and spoke with authority--Joanne Clarke, Sacramento, CA

              Valuable, well organized and thoughtout--Colin Engelman, Dancer 

      Good choice of topic, impressive, moving--Frank Schilder, Social Worker

Talented speaker, humorist and story teller--Craig Fielding, Columbus, Ohio 

"I have been working with Elvis for the past four years, and, without question, he is one of the most dynamic speakers and professional partners I've ever come across. Our audiences (internal and external) love him, and he works wonderfully with our people and customers.He hits a home run every time.You will not be sorry if you use him. In fact, I'm willing to bet your first experience will lead to many, many more, as it has with Raelian Organization"

Marc Letou, North American Representative, Raelian Organization


Bravo!--Alan Capes, Engineer, Evergreen Construction 

        Give us something to ponder--Maurice Bonin, Graphic Designer

             What a fascinating speech and topic---so interesting, organized and heartfelt--Ed Campbell

         Great conviction and energy--Caren Lewis, New York, New York

"The feedback from your session was fabulous. More than a few have said you were the best in the 5 years we've had the conference."

Mark Anthony, Activity Coordinator, Black Singles Magazine


      Very dynamic, point well made--Pandora Robinson, Detroit, Michigan

                 Great ingenuity on a unique discussion--Babara Schneider, CEO. Spa Works

                  Best speaker. Powerful talk, well delivered, good message--Carolyn Schaeffer, Writer

          Subject matter was very useful--Terri Wexner, New York, New York

"Thank you for the excellent talk you gave to our audience here at the Bill Paradise Travel  yesterday.  The range of topics you addressed was thought-provoking and exactly on target with the theme, “Building Theme Parks in the Future"

Bill Kensington


     I like what I heard and want to hear more--James Karahana, Wall Street Broker

                Great humor, creativity, and profundity on a dry topic--Woody Morrison, El Paso, TX

                         Simply riveting and controversial--Sam Rodriguez, School Teacher

                  Great message, great insights and inspirational--David Cadley, CEO, Solma Productions

          Warm--full of hope--Bill White, Hospitality Consultant

"The evaluations were superb. In almost every case, your presentation was mentioned as the most enjoyable and useful facet of the conference. 

Hillary Rosenthal, VP, Strategic Innovation Solutions


              Precise in its meaning--Lester Johnson, Houston, TX

Speaking about very deep matters--Michael Papadakis, Ooltewah, TN